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After many years of performing numerous Holiday Concerts, I decided to finally make a Holiday Album. My last Holiday concert I produced in New York City was at the Historic Triad Theatre.  I have done a few shows at this charming Theatre.  The Theatre is also very sentimental to me.  Being a native New Yorker, I have seen this Theatre go through various names and managements.  I remember singing at this Theatre at the young age of 12 when I was a little girl scared half to death to sing in front of just about anyone at the time!!!!  So there is a lot of history between this Theatre and I;-)

Holiday Magic was never intended to be an Album.  It was initially a concert I did a few times last year.  Several weeks afterwards, guests who had attended the concert were inquiring if I was performing the show again or if I had a CD recording of it.  The answer was sadly no.  When this Holiday Season came, I was again asked if I was going to perform that same show this Year in NYC.  The answer again was no since I was engaged to perform Holiday concerts in both Charleston, SC and Whitefish, MT. I thought why not make a recording of that concert. I have never made a Holiday CD before but I did have the Holiday Concert professionally video recorded in HD.

I went into the editing room with my team and came out with both a DVD and CD recording of my most requested show which is HOLIDAY MAGIC. This performance featured some great dancers, fantastic musicians and talented Featured Soloists. I truly hope all my friends, family and fans enjoy these recordings as much as I enjoyed packaging it for individuals to have their very own N’Kenge Holiday Concert in their home.  Happy Listening and Happy Holidays!!!!